Společnost O.K. Trans Praha se stává přepravním partnerem řetězce Ahold Delhaize

O.K. Trans Prague becomes a transport partner of the Ahold Delhaize chain

On 1 November O.K. Trans Prague, a Czech transport and logistics company, has become a transport partner of the Ahold Delhaize group which operates the Albert shops in the Czech Republic. The contract on transport of foodstuffs from Spain to the Czech Republic for the winter period is valid until 30 April 2017 and will include approximately 200 transports.

The management of the Chýně-based O.K. Trans Prague concluded the contract, worth millions of Czech Crowns, directly with the head office of Ahold Delhaize located in Zaandam, the Netherlands. “This is a great break-through that we have been looking forward to for a long time; we will be working directly for a significant customer and not a forwarding company,” said the business and marketing manager of O.K. Trans Prague Václav Svoboda, adding: “This contract is a huge success for us, but also a responsibility; we are the first and only Czech company to transport goods for Ahold Delhaize. That is why we will approach the project with the utmost care. We see it as a challenge and possibility to show that O.K. Trans is the right partner for this kind of transport volumes.”

Svoboda admits that Ahold Delhaize may be testing the capabilities and operations of O.K. Trans, as Ahold Delhaize will be announcing a tender for summer transports even before the end of the winter contract. “If we succeed in winter, there is hope for a long-term partnership with Ahold Delhaize,” concluded Svoboda.

“We decided to partner with O.K. Trans because we believe that they will be a strong partner for the distribution of fresh foodstuffs on the European level. We have worked with Bakker Divišov for many years. We believe that Ahold Delhaize and O.K. Trans can expand their partnership in the mid and long-term horizons,” said Roy Heijs, purchase manager of Ahold Delhaize.

Note: Bakker is an international company trading with fruits and vegetables that provides processing, packing and logistics services. Bakker is the exclusive supplier of fruits and vegetables for Ahold Delhaize.